Oh hi remember me? It's the guy with the achilles tendon injury. Oh nothing, just helping out at my daughter's badminton academy. Feeding shuttles, playing half court singles, playing full court singles. In jeans. With 11-year-olds. 11-year-olds have a lot of energy. Injured 38-year olds? Not so much.

I will never pass up the opportunity to play badminton. And soon: padel. Want to play padel? What I lack in physical ability, I easily compensate for with persistence and competitiveness.

OK no I can't handle having a rotary encoder any more. I used it once today and needed escape, zero, and left mouse button about 200 times. Sorry Milo.

InCarNation 2024


Back again! No Boxsters but there was an absolutely incredible NSX that I definitely don't want 🥵

Oh no they changed how environment variables work in @astrojs/cloudflare!


Fortunately, Charlie had already figured this out and he helped me get up-to-speed but it wasn't easy, and we discovered some idiosyncrasies even as he explained it to me!

Protozoa's Milo stole my escape key


I haven't used a rotary encoder on a board since I started using column stagger splits under 40% but look how cute!

Lambing at Middle Farm


We went lambing at Middle Farm with Dan, Allyson and their two boys. They were too young for it, and I think Tabitha is too old now. Plus it's a weirdly corporate affair.

Me, recognising the actor who played Rico in Hannah Montana: "oh it's the guy from Monos"

In spite of the fact that I absolutely love to go fast in cars, and I have a car that makes the most lovely noises when you rev it hard, I don't speed on the road. I got 3 points on my license about 2 months after passing my test and, since then, I've stuck to the rules of the road pretty closely.

There's a 30mph road by us that is so long and boring to drive all the way down at 30mph, but I do it every time because I don't want to risk points again. You would not believe the number of times I get overtaken, or flashed at, or honked at driving down that road. I would say 30% of the time this happens, and I hate it, and I don't know what to do about it. I'm not going to risk my license because someone is following me bored, but it bugs me so much every time something like this happens and I can't get it out of my head for days. I can't just quit using this stretch of road - it accounts for a third of the roads leading out of this village!

St Leonards Small Plates


A couple of very good friends moved from Brighton to St Leonards. We love St Leonards and so any excuse to eat our way round there for a day works for me!

Netflix's version of 3 Body Problem solves probably my biggest gripe with the books, and that is its characters. They've done a brilliant interpretation of everyone from the book; even when names and roles have been adapted. Significant characters are still there from a plot perspective, but they're a lot deeper and more realistic. The Panama Canal scene is so satisfying and gross. You should watch it just for that bit because it's awesome. Surprised at how much I'm enjoying it.

Photos of cats and food


Weirdly quiet few weeks for taking pictures. I just can't get my eye in for it at all. It's a bit disheartening looking at my camera roll and seeing the same thing repeatedly.

Today I learned that Excel thinks it can handle XML, and I'm here to tell you, if someone offers to clean up some XML data for you, make sure they're not going to use Excel to do it because it mangles it like crazy and will make some datasets basically unusable.

Lazy Designers Duo and Apricot


Feels like ages since I got a new keyboard but it almost definitely isn't. I've had a premium QAZ-shaped hole in my collection for a while. No more!

Craft-driven static Astro builds in S3, a baptism by fire


I am normally very toe-in-the-water on AWS, but a recent project forced me to go all-in on it and it was pretty fun, all things considered.

Tabitha is Eleven


Not sure how this has happened but yep. Eleven. She played a badminton match and chose what she ate all day (so junk pretty much!)

Bleachers at O2 Forum


We took Tabitha to see Bleachers as her first proper show. I think she enjoyed it but we would all like to go back to bed now please.

Some recent pictures


I have been on a bit of a kick with computers and coding recently, which has meant fewer pictures. Unless you count pictures of half-assembled computers. Which, this week, we do.

Managing my dotfiles with Stow


For years I have, apparently, not been managing my dotfiles. I thought I had but when I went to check, the folder containing them was not a git repository.

I'm getting so sick of reading about how the EU is messing with Apple and iOS. I'm no Apple fanboy (shut up I'm not), but I am incredibly skeptical of forcing Apple to allow third party app stores, untethered installs etc.

This is the same EU that has made the web borderline unbearable with cookie popups that protect end users from absolutely nothing. Just because a person or institution's heart is in the right place (or solar system), doesn't mean we should let them dictate what far smarter people do with their platform. I don't want iOS to become Android. That's one of the main reasons I use iOS. I don't want to have to run antivirus on my phone, and I hope all this stuff doesn't end up impacting people who don't absolutely need to be able to play Fortnite at any given moment.

Look at the companies getting behind the DMA to push Apple: Epic and Spotify. Two of the scummiest, most-bottom-feeder-iest companies of the twenty-first century. Telling Apple that they're overreaching when it comes to profit share?! How much does Spotify pay musicians, again? All these companies are the absolute worst.

Granted, Apple is behaving like a petulant child in banning Epic (which is either a 4D chess move I don't get, or throwing-toys-out-of-the-pram of the highest order) and blocking homescreen web-apps in the EU, but I feel like I'd probably be grumpy if a council of luddites were telling me how I needed to run my platform. Especially when the way I run my platform is systematically designed to circumvent certain issues. Sure it's nice for Apple that they also built a walled garden, but I don't think they would have done that if it didn't result in the best product and the most profitable one.

I'm not even anti-EU but they need to keep their noses out of tech, or take better advice because they clearly don't know what they're doing.

Let's implement dynamic DNS using Crystal and Cloudflare


My dyndns client was broken, and they keep getting me to choose pictures of buses to renew my free domain, so I've taken matters into my own hands.