I'm getting so sick of reading about how the EU is messing with Apple and iOS. I'm no Apple fanboy (shut up I'm not), but I am incredibly skeptical of forcing Apple to allow third party app stores, untethered installs etc.

This is the same EU that has made the web borderline unbearable with cookie popups that protect end users from absolutely nothing. Just because a person or institution's heart is in the right place (or solar system), doesn't mean we should let them dictate what far smarter people do with their platform. I don't want iOS to become Android. That's one of the main reasons I use iOS. I don't want to have to run antivirus on my phone, and I hope all this stuff doesn't end up impacting people who don't absolutely need to be able to play Fortnite at any given moment.

Look at the companies getting behind the DMA to push Apple: Epic and Spotify. Two of the scummiest, most-bottom-feeder-iest companies of the twenty-first century. Telling Apple that they're overreaching when it comes to profit share?! How much does Spotify pay musicians, again? All these companies are the absolute worst.

Granted, Apple is behaving like a petulant child in banning Epic (which is either a 4D chess move I don't get, or throwing-toys-out-of-the-pram of the highest order) and blocking homescreen web-apps in the EU, but I feel like I'd probably be grumpy if a council of luddites were telling me how I needed to run my platform. Especially when the way I run my platform is systematically designed to circumvent certain issues. Sure it's nice for Apple that they also built a walled garden, but I don't think they would have done that if it didn't result in the best product and the most profitable one.

I'm not even anti-EU but they need to keep their noses out of tech, or take better advice because they clearly don't know what they're doing.


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