St Leonards Small Plates


A couple of very good friends moved from Brighton to St Leonards. We love St Leonards and so any excuse to eat our way round there for a day works for me!

We went to The Royal, then we tried Liban Coast but it was too full so we went to Arigato and then to Heist, and then to Di Polas for ice cream. We didn't have small plates at Heist but we did have a lot of small things so it kinda counts?

I sorta wish we'd stayed at The Royal. The food was beautiful and there was other things I wanted to try, but at that point we really wanted to try as many things as we could and we didn't realise how busy everywhere would be. I get that they probably wanted it to be a pretty relaxed setup but it wasn't that way. I'd love it if next time you could plan your route and book slots so you could mooch around. That probably wouldn't be practical but we only managed to hit two places. Definitely got a couple of places to go back and try though.

2 G5 A5326

I had a cheese toastie at The Royal. It was delicious; I could've eaten like 10 of them.

2 G5 A5327

Charlotte had this. It was some sort of chargrilled cabbage and egg. It looked nice.

2 G5 A5329

Nick had trout ceviche. It was very pretty but I've never enjoyed any fish that wasn't a prefix for "and mayonnaise"

2 G5 A5330

Beto had venison. I don't think I've ever had venison.

2 G5 A5335

Arigato. We had Onigiri and gyoza. It was pretty nice but not very exciting. It's not possible to be mad about sushi rice though.

2 G5 A5346

Tabitha, Beto, and Nick at Heist. Heist is like Shelter Hall but good.

2 G5 A5337

Our haul from Cutie Pies at Heist. Those garlic bread sticks were amazing. I could drink the marinara dip.

2 G5 A5351

White chocolate and pistachio from Di Polas. The Pistachio is a contender for the best ice cream I've ever eaten. And I've had Ben and Jerry's Cookie Vermonster so I know what I'm talking about actually.

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