Keyboard Pano


I've had the idea for this in my head for a while but couldn't be bothered to do it until now. I had to add something to my site for it to work. Probably broken in your browser.

This week I bought three games:

  • Sonic Frontiers (£25)
  • Brotato (£3)
  • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (£26)

And what have I been playing? Brotato. My brain might be broken.

Birthday SUP


Went on a last minute paddle-boarding trip with a good friend on my birthday. Never been before but Barcombe Mills is a nice place to go for a first-timer.

I'm going to need to know what Apatow, Romano, Provenza, and Maron (RIP Shandling) think of Bo Burnam's Inside.

I don't mind birthdays, y'know? I don't get freaked out or anything. But I have these vivid memories of specific moments before I was ten years old, and it's crazy to me that that's the same person as me. As I am. A smaller version of the same guy I am right now. Do you ever think about that? Doesn't that freak you out a bit? Thinking about when you were a kid and where you are now. I dunno that's the sort of thing I think about when I complete a lap. When I was a kid I imagined where I am now, and now I remember where I was then. A single point in time is such a small thing to focus on. The past is big; the future is big. Right now is impossibly small. I feel like that should take the pressure off but it doesn't.

I wish I was a cat


I mean just look at this lazy little jerk. Never seen anything like it, if I'm honest.

Pizza with my new apron


Mozzarella balls in the topping this time. Fewer pizza photos and more new-apron photos.

Dilemma v1 Choc


I love the Dilemma but my Charybdis fits way better on my desk. Decided to put some low profile switches on the Dilemma so I can throw it in my bag and use it when I'm not at my desk. So far so good.

KBDCraft Adam


I got this for Tabitha. Well, I got this then I remembered I can't type on row stagger any more so I decided it would become for Tabitha. And she built the case and put the switches in, so she's on her way to a new addiction.

I made pizza, take three


I made pizza again. This time a cold ferment in the fridge over the course of three days. What a massive improvement to the quality of the dough. Probably not going to number every post. At least not when I can actually reliably succeed at this!

Nike Jason Tatum Pink Lemonade


I love loud shoes, and these are up there. The deciding factor was Jason and I sharing a monogram. I know Nike has ID but this is better.

I am utterly sick of Google Analytics 4.



I've been into Vollebak's clothes for a while. I want the garbage watch. I've got a few things from them, and you know me; I live in them.

Vampire Survivors is the purest video game


I can't explain why I love this game, but I also love games made by people who clearly love this game, so I guess it's not just me.

Mastodon isn't for me. I thought I would be into the task of exploring a new ecosystem and finding interesting people to follow, but it already feels like a chore and I just don't have the motivation to do that any more. I can already sit in the corner and talk to myself here - I don't need numbers and statistics to back it up!

I'm not sure if it messes with the fediverse that I just deleted the server. I did check and it seems you can just delete your server. Wouldn't be very robust if it couldn't handle a server going away, I suppose.

I made pizza, take two


I had another go at making some pizza. Tried a different dough recipe and it seemed to make a huge difference. I also watched a tonne of videos on how to make and stretch dough. It is possible to learn things just by watching...?

Oil palette


We went into an artist's gallery/shop because she was making a rug and it looked interesting. Then saw her palette/easel thing and immediately knew I'd found my new desktop background.

I'm going to start using Mastodon. You can follow me on @[email protected] if you want. I'm not planning to reduce the amount I post here (I'm not sure that's even possible anyway) but Mastodon is likely to be for less formal stuff anyway. If you want an account on there, let me know. I'll be moderating new accounts so don't sign up if I don't know you.

Day Off Ramble to Lewes


Jake's coming to visit this weekend so I took some time off. I took an extra day and decided to go for a walk to Lewes. It's not super far unless you take a really inefficient route. In the biz, we call that scenic, I'll have you know.

I made pizza


I am a horrible cook. Just awful. But we have been watching the Chef's Table Pizza show on Netflix and it made me want to try and make pizza. It appears more successful the further back you stand.