I don't mind birthdays, y'know? I don't get freaked out or anything. But I have these vivid memories of specific moments before I was ten years old, and it's crazy to me that that's the same person as me. As I am. A smaller version of the same guy I am right now. Do you ever think about that? Doesn't that freak you out a bit? Thinking about when you were a kid and where you are now. I dunno that's the sort of thing I think about when I complete a lap. When I was a kid I imagined where I am now, and now I remember where I was then. A single point in time is such a small thing to focus on. The past is big; the future is big. Right now is impossibly small. I feel like that should take the pressure off but it doesn't.


I'm going to need to know what Apatow, Romano, Provenza, and Maron (RIP Shandling) think of Bo... I wish I was a cat