I made pizza, take two

Had another go at making some pizza. I tried a different dough recipe and it seemed to make a huge difference. I also watched a tonne of videos on how to make and stretch dough. It is possible to learn things just by watching...?

Also bought a 500°C thermometer so that I could know when my stone gets up to temperature, which definitely helped with my base.

Used Babish's dough recipe and watched the accompanying video (with his manual knead process, and some help from my visiting mother). Also watched this video for some tips on dough forming and general approach. Vito is such a natural but gives incredibly practical advice that worked for me even as a complete novice at this. Really recommend that video. Stretching the dough was like a different world compared to the Ooni recipe from last weekend.

Looking forward to doing this again now. I had a lot of fun.