Birmingham 2019: Day 1


I saw this little picnic area where you could park and walk by the river whilst I was on my way to ArcTanGent. Charlotte doesn't like rivers, but we went for a walk nonetheless. Should've brought my drone.

Charlotte took this photo of us looking at the river

Then we made the first use of our National Trust memberships since we got them and went to Croome Court, which is a very beautiful example of what extreme wealth can get you. At its largest, this apparently covered 15,000 acres, and it also boasts a 1.5km-long hand-dug river! It is a very pleasant walk unless, by all accounts, you were there when it was a Catholic school in the 1950s and 60s. We didn't go inside as we were short on time and Charlotte's already been. I'm not fussed on looking in people's houses.

And finally we went out to lunch at Ascott's in Bromsgrove with Charlotte's aunt and uncle, and spent the afternoon sitting in their garden and chatting. All very pleasant and civilised.

This was too much ice cream for a six-year-old. In spite of her protests.