The lost art of the tactical, permissive skive

The lost art of the tactical, permissive skive

It's important, every now and again, to treat yourself to a bit of naughtiness. A cheeky little Friday PM skive when you've already finished your todo list and some of next week's, and you've let everyone know you're stepping out. Beautiful.

Week off

Week off

Have run the emotional gauntlet this week. I would prefer better control of my emotions I think.

Little Keyboards Reviung41

Little Keyboards Reviung41

I've wanted one of Little Keyboards' kits for ages, but they were always a bit spenny. This Reviung41 Comptroller case was actually pretty reasonable. Especially for the quality.

The Illustrated Mum

The Illustrated Mum

I've made some very satisfying discoveries whilst reading bedtime stories to Tabitha, but this one was probably the most emotionally draining.


This week I needed to make a really big form. It’s really big. Most people don’t like forms, but I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian, and my approach for saving user input on this form got me thinking about how much effort goes into things people take for granted. In code, I mean. Life is way out of scope for a blog post.



Ugh. Today. This post contains heavy spoilers for the first The Last of Us game. I am the last person to finish this game, so I suspect that it doesn't matter. But still.

I love GraphQL

I love GraphQL

I've been using GraphQL with Craft since I redeveloped this site, which is quite a while now. But running someone else's GraphQL API is like training wheels.

"It's hard to find the words to express my debt"

Tories are great at creating NHS-related debt. Cut to a year after Coronavirus is under control and then we'll see if they're so earnest and committed to supporting the NHS

The new

Removing features, trying new things, improving old skills.

Media Diet

Jason Kottke does these posts where he lists all the stuff he's been reading or watching or whatever...

One of my favourite things to ever happen

Writing it down to remember it later...


Aside from the obvious, my least favourite thing about stress is how it completely silences the little creativity I have...

On Approaching a Toddler

Parenthood is a curious thing. As Charlotte grew more and more pregnant, a bizarre thing happened: people felt compelled to share their observations on her physical appearance, almost constantly...

Here's the thing about ads

I'm mad at Wired. I'm also mad at ads, but not because I inherently hate advertising - because I hate all the underhanded, sneaky snooping that ads do to show relevant ads to you...

Topknots and Parachute Pants

I have always struggled with body image and self worth. The two together, I mean. Separately, those...

Hits from the Pong

I wrote a blog post over on our highly corporate company blog which has two whole posts on it. It's...

Mario Kart Life Lessons

You cannot become adept at life. You learn to react to the challenges you face, but there are many t...


You listen to me, Juhzanthepuss. If you ever, ever in your life...and I realise as I'm doing this; i...

A new coat of paint

I’m not normally one for photographing graffiti but this is quite impressive. I don’t know whether...


I hate rudeness. I hate impatience. Unfortunately, when you work for a busy agency, you encounter r...