Aside from the obvious, my least favourite thing about stress is how it completely silences the little creativity I have. I've been working to a very difficult deadline the last few weeks, and it's meant I've had to ignore a load of other work that's been piling up. I've been working evenings to try and make sure I'm responding to email and people aren't getting more mad with me, but it's not enough. This week, I took a couple of days off and ended doing a full day's work in total over those days. I am smart.

Taking pictures is my only creative outlet. I always have a camera with me but I don't use it as often as I should. I've reached a realisation that I'm completely stalled on taking pictures. Normally I see things I want to photograph everywhere, but it's just not happening right now and I need a kick to get back into it. Not having that outlet makes me feel quite unfulfilled. Narcissistic though it may be, one of the main reasons I take photos is to look at them. I love looking back over photos I take, and all I have right now are screenshots of horrible tweets and photos of food I probably shouldn't have put into my body.

Time to stop being a baby and go and point my camera at things.