Stars and Christmas Lights


Went to go and look at some local Christmas lights. Didn't really find any but did have a go at taking some photos of the stars since it was a clear night. Moderately happy with the results I guess?

I went for a walk


I am currently sick. I had a cold and now I have either a throat or chest infection, and maybe a perforated eardrum/ear infection. Feeling pretty good. Can't cycle, so went for a walk.

It snowed


It hardly ever snows. It was pathetic when you consider how much other places in England got.

A photo that everyone took


I was waiting outside Shelter Hall for everyone to arrive at our work Christmas party, and there was a pretty nice sunset. Around 90% of people who walked past took a picture like this.

Pigs in Blankets Pizza


Last year I said I wanted to try every vegetarian/vegan pigs-in-blankets. This year they're all out of stock. Coincidence?

Unpredictable Cat is Unpredictable


I love a Christmas tree. It's like my favourite part of Christmas other than Christmas pizza. I would have bet real human currency that this stupid cat would climb the tree immediately but she continues to make a liar of me.

clipping. at Chalk


I've wanted to see clipping. live for so long. I nearly got to, but then covid happened which I didn't love. This is also the first time I've been to The Haunt since they renamed it Chalk and they did a great job on the refurb.

Anniversary Burgers!


For our 14 year wedding anniversary (which is traditionally ivory and, therefore, extremely difficult to gift), Charlotte got me ArcTanGent tickets and made me heart-shaped burgers.

Nashville, November 2022


I've been in Nashville for 10 days launching a site. Launch has gone well but I'm going to need a longer belt for a while.



This silly cat is getting quite big. She is very funny and annoying. I like having a kitten but I'm fine with her just being a cat now.

Conjurer at Green Door Store


I haven't been bothered by taking pictures at shows much since ArcTanGent but this had quite a cool atmosphere and was sold out in a small venue so wanted to try and capture that.



Went back up to the Midlands to see family and have a bonfire. It was a very nice time.

Trick or Treat!


I've never been trick or treating before. It was quite fun.

Shoreham-by-Sea House Boat Walk


Last time we came down here, we turned left instead of right and missed this lovely little riverside street with a huge variety of house boats.

Leaf Peepin' at Sheffield Park


Like every other person in Sussex, we wanted to go and look at the leaves at Sheffield Park. I've never been to Sheffield Park but I am partial to the National Trust.

The last two weeks I guess


Lots of work, lots of badminton, not a lot of much else.

Squirrels in the garden


Found this lovely garden in Lewes whilst Tabitha was playing badminton. Lots of tame squirrels around, which this cat was also enjoying.

New camera photo dump


I heard that DSLRs are dead. Mine seemed fine but better safe than sorry. The Canon EOS R5 is an outrageous bit of kit though. I've been really enjoying it.



It's Friday. We watched a video on why some cats have favourites and now family life has become a very passive aggressive competition to win the cat's love. I'm going to win, because I'm going to cheat.



I said I wasn't going to post more Friday posts, then did two in a row. Self motivation is a strange thing.