Nashville, November 2022

Flew out to Nashville to launch a site for Carter Vintage. Was pretty nervous as we're going for an early MVP launch and clients never let us do this, but it went really well and everyone was super positive about the whole thing. The whole team at Carters have been so welcoming; I've never experienced anything like it. A room full of people I've known for 10 days and I'm really going to miss them.

Flight out was pretty good. Lots of chatty people in departures which I normally don't want but had a lot of nervous energy. Two of them were drinking Baileys from the bottle, which isn't very Nashville but it's a start.

I was working on a new feature on the flight and managed to get done half way through, which was good and bad because I didn't bring my Steam Deck and was bored for 5 hours. Ended up just listening to Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas.

Landed around 6pm local time and it was absolutely freezing. Nashville is so cold and dry my skin is absolutely horrendous right now. I need to lie in a bath of lotion for a few days to get back to normal. We went straight to Joyland to get an Impossible burger as I've never had one. Was pretty impressed. Later had one from White Castle and was far less impressed but would go back to Joyland any day of the week.

After burgers we went to Rudy's to listen to some jazz. I don't really like jazz, but if I'm going to listen, doing it live is best so you can see the energy, passion and skill, which was definitely all there. Open mics are very different in Nashville!

Went to Smith and Lentz with Nick to grab some pizza on Monday. Had a good chat about music, comedy, and how everywhere in Nashville has merch. I got some really nice shirts from the places we visited. I quite like that for a memento.

Tuesday was the American Legion for Honky-tonk Tuesdays. It's a proper active Legion which was pretty cool. Lots of Willie Nelson braids in the room. Someone complimented my Crocs which was an amusing surprise.

Wednesday started weird. I was waiting outside the hotel for someone to pick me up (no-one walks in Nashville - I'm going home so fat), and a car drove up to me, rolled the window down and asked if I could read. I don't think I've ever been asked that question before, but yes I can read. The guy asks can I read this piece of paper to him. So I'm playing over in my head what sort of scam is this, bracing myself for a kidnapping, acutely aware that a large portion of my life is in the rucksack on my back, and he shows me a sheet of paper. It's a grid with a load of signatures on it, with the title "Controlled Drug Log". So I told the guy what it said and his eyes went super wide, and said "does that mean this is drugs?" and showed me a pelican case with a clear lid, filled with vials and syringes. I started to do a little panic, told the guy I couldn't have anything to do with this situation and he should find a cop or call 911 or something but I couldn't help him. Fortunately he accepted and drove away but I hightailed it pretty quick back to the hotel reception to wait for my ride!

The rest of the week we pretty much just hung out, went to some bars, did a tonne of work, and slept. We were staying up pretty late hanging out, which turned out well because I ended up being able to catch Charlotte and Tabitha just as they woke up and I was going to sleep.

Saturday I bought some new boots from Tecovas on Broadway. I absolutely love them, but they are a bit excessive. I'll probably make a post about them later because I love them so much.

Then we went out on Broadway to a very sad bar called Coyote Ugly. I did not love it. Broadway (except for Robert's) doesn't seem to be my thing.

Finally, we went bowling. I wanted to go and see an alley that looked like it could've been in Lebowski, because I am basic. Still, they delivered and I had some of my favourite food from the trip. Plus I've never had a White Russian whilst bowling, which I think is illegal here.

Sunday we went to Royal Range and fired guns. You can't really tell from the pictures but I fired a P90 and I think that's a Smith & Wesson 500. It kicked like hell but I got one lucky hit. Grayson got 4, so I don't think that qualifies as luck any more.

Later we went to a fire at Nick's, ate pizza and sat around talking and drinking. Super relaxing end to a pretty hectic week.

Back to work Monday, had White Castle for lunch and cheese curds from Robert's for dinner. I loved the Western Swingers - would definitely go back for that.

Tuesday we ate grilled cheese from Dozen, and went to Butcher and Bee for dinner, then Never Never for some drinks. Then back to Eli's for rum tasting. I haven't been to bed this side of midnight since I got here!

Final day, Nick brought donuts for breakfast, and Eli took me to 312 for Chicago style pizza, which was absolutely brilliant. My favourite pizza of the trip so far (and I've had a lot). Now I'm waiting for my flight as I write this and feeling simultaneously sad to leave, but excited to get home.

The time difference is absolutely brutal. I hardly got to talk to Charlotte and Tabitha at all, and when I did it was super rushed as it was either late for them, or late for me.

Nashville people have been incredible. Obviously I've met people from all over the United States whilst I've been here, but the people I've encountered have been great. Super friendly, hospitable, and warm.

I was quite anxious about coming. Introducing an entirely new computer system to a business is a great way to make a room full of people hate you. People hate change; I get it. But everyone here has been so patient, openminded, and supportive that actually it's been an incredibly smooth and successful launch. Really going to miss them.