New camera photo dump


5 E0209 CC EEA2 4 BAA 9 AF5 A33146 F543 DC
B3 B148 C9 863 B 464 F 96 E6 47 F91 BF7505 B
490 A41 DA B8 A9 4 EB8 9466 2233 EA56 B357
808 B6096 EA70 45 DB A76 A 38 CDB8 B2 CDA0
63 B0 AC89 D862 4 D8 C 833 D D31285 D6559 B
CAD5 BC27 8832 496 C 8498 FE37 CD710160
0 C24 B5 E0 4 BA6 4 DD1 8 ED6 B0 C0878931 DA
99 D6211 C 741 E 407 A 9 BBF 1 A58 E115 CB85
632 E40 CC 3 E50 42 D2 B790 7885308 EAB33
5506 DFBC 05 E3 48 DD 91 ED 7 CD01887 E426
0448 CD80 C6 F8 46 C0 B079 C0 A5 B16 F28 BC
1 A3193 FE 8476 429 B AEB0 286 B7 FDE8 E35
39 D9 E9 ED 30 E7 417 F ABF5 BAF6 FF019769
AD2 D557 D 7 F2 D 43 A5 8889 CDF47 A5 A4424
2 C4 C5 A3 A 1 CFB 4 F80 AE1 C A3 A99683 BBAB
DD5 C5 E49 0 B59 44 AA 925 D 735 A23 F643 C0
1 AE94 D33 8672 4 BC1 A0 B7 DD84 BB1 B48 E9
3 E8 DDC2 B E0 DD 4 E13 A4 B6 BFBB3 A2 E0 FFE
8418 D46 B 5 CBA 4867 8960 7 F4363 E7 F8 B4
5 F79 EF29 9 F63 4473 B3 B0 45 AB46 E382 E0
F60 C6757 BF42 432 C A31 D 82 B95 CE87 FF8
F40 BF411 ED09 4601 BC25 1804 F7 EEB0 BD

I heard that DSLRs are dead. Mine seemed fine but better safe than sorry. The Canon EOS R5 is an outrageous bit of kit though. I've been really enjoying it.

I grabbed one with the 35mm f1.8 Macro. I haven't had a 35mm lens since I shot Nikon but it's a focal length that feels very natural to me. It's also a length that I don't currently have so made sense to fill that gap.

I got an adapter as well, so I can use my Canon EF lenses. I haven't done that a whole lot as the 35mm is such a lovely lens, but I've used the 70-200 a bit and the ergonomics are pretty decent and the image quality is obviously there.

Squirrels in the garden Friday