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A2 C6 B362 6 A37 4 FD4 A453 0 E9 AD24 C3 F5 A
F5 EA0773 F689 4 B32 B998 6 A7 E15 A96177

Went back up to the Midlands to see family and have a bonfire. It was a very nice time. I don't see family often enough. It's a pretty unpleasant drive to get back there, but every time I do it I say I should do it more and then just don't. You can only change the future I guess.

Also how good is this Canon R5? All of these were hand-held. The stabilisation is ridiculous on this thing. I was getting 2-3" exposures that were pretty usable, which is madness. It really annoys me that the wheels are backwards though. 10+ years of using a Nikon and I don't think I'll ever get used to which is shutter and which is aperture. I've probably broken my muscle memory on Nikon as well. What a nice problem to have.

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