This Friday

She will curl up and try to sleep anywhere
And contort herself into the most uncomfortable-looking positions
She's asleep here. How? I do not know.
If she has an arm to sleep against that's what she's going to do.
She slept across our arms the other night. It was weird but very cute.
She's finally comfortable around the dog. She often tries to sleep near him and she always wants to play with him.
She has been known to jump up between my legs, and then just sleep where she lands.
Copying his superdog position
Watching YouTube with me on a Saturday morning, now that Tabitha is too old to hang out with me.
And she will happily lie on her back and let you stroke her stomach. I have never known a cat to do this, and I have known a lot of cats.

Continuing to settle in nicely. Totally OK with the dog now, so this week we'll be moving on to leaving her for short periods. She loves to be close to us, and whilst she's settling, one of us has always had to be at home otherwise she gets very unhappy. We started with 15 minutes this morning and she cried for about 5 minutes then chilled out so tomorrow we'll try 30 minutes and build from there. She's still very young and I know some kittens don't like to be left alone at all so it's understandable.

She's probably the most affectionate cat I've ever met. She's also incredibly chatty, which I really love. If she wakes up and you're not there she will walk around calling out, and if you call back she will come and look for you. I hope she keeps that into adulthood because it's super adorable.