Wireless crkbd with JLC Nylon plate and case


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I'm not sure why I find it so difficult to type on Chocs. I think I've become so used to the physical layout of the Skeletyl that even reaching row 1 on a Corne is now a stretch. The 3x5 layout definitely feels like the endgame to me. My typing is so much more accurate than on a normal row stagger or ortholinear.

I've wanted to add wireless to a board and keep it for a while now. I tried with the QAZ but something about that board just didn't work for me at the time. It could've been the nice!nano rev1 I suppose. They've made a lot of improvements to the ones I'm using on this Corne (even if faster charging was the only improvement it'd have been worth it!). I'm using little 90mah batteries on them and getting about 3-4 days of charge. These batteries have sat for a while though so they might not have the best capacity any more. Still I can live with 4 days.

I have been looking for a reason to get something printed in JLC's nylon and this seemed like a good opportunity. The turnaround was so quick but it did end up being a little on the pricey side. Still cheaper than pretty much every other Corne case you can currently buy and most places don't offer 3x5 so it was the path of least resistance.

I'm very happy with the case. The model seems to have made the screw holes really big and my screw heads are too small so I've had to kinda shim them in in places so they actually function as screws. It wouldn't be a self build if there wasn't some kind of hackery going on! The material isn't really what I was expecting. It's super lightweight and gives the crystal red choc switches a loud, hollow-sounding thock which I like a lot but was not aiming for. The surface of the print is almost porous which I also wasn't expecting. No carrying these around with sweaty hands!

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