I've added a new Media Diet area on this site.

I have been bouncing the idea of doing this for a little while, and with my new site and nav support for more than 3 links, now's as good a time as any, I suppose.

For those who know, it's obviously pretty heavily inspired by Kottke (and probably heavily featuring stuff I found there!) and Steven Soderbergh, and of course Chris has something similar, but bringing in various genres of link-sharing and other recommendations.

I didn't want to pollute my main RSS feed with this, so if you're interested you can subscribe to it separately. I'm not sure how I feel about the rating system as it might be too esoteric and redundant. It's pretty likely that I won't share anything I dislike there unless it's a film, TV, or a book but maybe that's fine? Clearly I haven't thought it through too much.

Maybe I shouldn't have just stolen Kottke's name for it? I'm probably too small for him to have a problem with it.

Pizza Masterclass at Fatto a Mano


Charlotte got me this little one-shot evening course as a gift and it was fun!

This horrible cat


Friday does not like to sit on, or even near, people. The best you can hope for is, when she wants you to go to bed, she'll try to get behind you on the sofa.



We went to our favourite restaurant and Tabitha did some jumping

I made my new site live. It's likely to be so broken but I just wanted to get it sorted. If you notice something broken and can be bothered, let me know.

Day Off


I figured the move on Friday, and Tabitha's badminton match on Sunday would mean I didn't get much of a weekend, so I booked Monday off as well.



We went to Croydon to look for a new sofa (did you know Croydon is in the ULEZ now? Because I didn't but it is) and there was this torched 206 in the IKEA car park.



I helped a friend move house yesterday. It was a lot. Was looking forward to a relaxing day today, that didn't really end up being.

You're never done being a Sandwich Artist


We found these Juicy Marbles things in Waitrose a while back and they're our favourite meat alternative. Terrible name though.

I think the Chemex is overrated. Ever since I started making pourover for Charlotte, the Chemex has been almost an aspiration. The Chemex is what you get if you're serious about pourover. When Charlotte smashed her old V60 flask, I decided to upgrade to the Chemex.

It's an undoubtedly beautiful object. Wood, leather, glass. The flask itself is a lovely shape. The pouring channel is so satisfying, and when you pour, the liquid in your cup makes a satisfying double-ended swirl that reminds me of a goat's horns. The whole thing is very tactile and pleasing.

However, it's such a frustrating device to use. I've watched countless (well, probably 10, which is a lot of videos to watch about how to use a flask) videos on how to use this thing, and the filter paper invariably falls into the pouring channel, which creates a vacuum in the flask which stops your coffee from dripping through. So you have to lift the filter out of the channel and stretch it and hope it seats across with enough tension not to fall again.

And it's so slow. Even when it's running properly it takes 2-3 times what the V60 took for the same volume of water. Almost to the point that your coffee's starting to get cold by the time it's finished dripping (this is solved by wrapping a towel around the thing but it's not a great solution!). Owing to the integrated collar, you have to wait for the entire drip to be finished before you can start to pour, and don't try to pour past the filter. The whole thing just irritates me, and the fact that it is heaped in universal praise just annoys me even more!

It is beautiful though.

Apple finally updated iOS to allow you to disable typing suggestions inline, without having to turn off the word/emoji suggestion bar thing. This is a Very Good Thing that I have wanted since they added the feature in the first place. I do not want help with typing. Never have; likely never will. Whether I need help is a matter of external opinion. It should be illegal to add new features to something, without adding the ability to disable them.

In the same update they increased the smallest minimum font size in the Books app to something which has made my current book approximately 50% longer (you do the math/s). Above all, I just don't really understand why I have control over the font's kerning, leading, and paragraph spacing, but not the its size, and it bugs me.

Apple: adding features I actively don't want, and removing things I'm using, since 2003.

Malvern Hills Walk


My mum's partner goes for a walk on the Malvern hills on his birthday. Rain and 60mph winds made this an interesting experience.



Wish I'd taken more photos this month.



I recently got access to Photoshop and decided to remaster a photo I took earlier in the year.

I'm not ready to let go yet. Or, rather, I'm not ready to start letting go. I always knew we wouldn't be the only things in your life forever, but I didn't prepare myself for how it'd feel for that to start decreasing.

It feels horrendous.

My phone keeps showing me pictures of when you were tiny, and I think about when you needed me, and now you don't. I worry that I've set a bad example and that one day we'll be gone from each other's lives, and you'll talk about how you're not that close with your dad. And maybe it'll only affect you sometimes. Most of the time you'll be fine not hearing from me.

I worry that your friends aren't really your friends. I know I can't protect you from this forever, but that doesn't mean I don't want to. I know that trying to protect you doesn't really help you, and doesn't even feel like you're being protected, but seeing you sad is something I'll never be able to bear. And I know that's selfish to a degree, but it's not all selfish. If I could protect you from everything forever, I would.

Mostly I don't ever want you to mask around me. I know you already do. When I seem hard, and I'm not just being grumpy, it's because the world is hard. In my experience, the world tolerates some things, and I'm trying to share that knowledge with you to make your life easier. It's likely that I'm failing and I'm sorry. I never want you to feel that I don't think you're good enough just how you are.

I just want to be in your life forever. The older I get and the further I grow apart from my dad, the more scared I am that that'll happen with us and I can't think of anything worse. I'm so sorry for the mistakes I make; I'm doing all of this for the first time, but I am trying.

I love you, kid.

Leipzig 2023


Spent a lovely long weekend in Germany visiting Sven, Nadine and their two boys. Very happy and surprised to have had snow; I love taking pictures in the snow.

Default Apps 2023


I stole this idea from Luke, who seemingly stole it from some other people, so it's more chain-mail than theft. Blogging needs more of this kind of thing, and I can't resist a good list!

I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff so I'll probably come back and update this later.

Long time, no see


Between work, and the sun setting at 3pm, I haven't been super motivated to take a lot of pictures the last couple of weeks. And I certainly haven't been motivated to yell them into the void.

I did a thing


In my quest for budget baller-dom, I have picked up a budget baller sweet spot Porsche. This is a Porsche that is old enough to be cheap, but not so old that it starts getting expensive again. It is really fun.

Medium Format


Very fortunate to have taken charge of a Fuji GFX100S. I have missed medium format since I sold my Mamiya 7, so this is a very welcome addition to my arsenal.