Lots of pictures of me on my phone the last couple of weeks. I think I might finally be going insane.

Two Weeks


It's a phone dump! Been using the iPhone 12 Pro. Camera's very good actually. Been leaving my SLR at home.

Now I want a BMX


We took Tabitha to the pump track at Newhaven skatepark. It's super nice; seems to be very well looked-after. It took her a little while to get going, but then once she got it, she didn't want to leave. I'd love to come back and have a go with a BMX there - it's not a place for a road bike.



I feel really bad for Tabitha that we haven't been doing Fun Kid Stuff. This morning we went for a walk (it was freezing) to a good park and she slid and climbed and swung and monkey-bars'd

A couple of weeks of food, bikes and keyboards


The last few weeks has not been the most fun. I can't find time to take pictures, so here's a montage.


Would there be a charger?


A conversation with Tabitha, about naming Pokémon

Where did my baby go?


Why is she so grown up now. Please, time; just stop for a little while.

We're alright


Being in constant company, even with people you love, can cause friction. There's a fine line between love and hate and all that

The Week Before My Birthday


The week that both went quickly and felt like it would never end.

I hate going out


We got ants in the house and it was going to take a week for Amazon to deliver Nippon. Fortunately, our local hardware place stocks it.

Home "schooling"


Charlotte's been doing a brilliant job of giving Tabitha educational stuff to do

Tabitha is Seven


Looking over these photos has made me feel very sad.



We were going to go to Brighton Pavilion's annual open day but the queues were ridiculous and I didn't want to spend my entire Sunday hanging out with the pigeons

Parenting is what you make it


The prevailing memories of my youth are related to video games.

Getting creative again


Been in such a creative slump lately. But trying a couple of new things like soldering/building keyboards at least passes the time!

Birmingham 2019: Day 3


We went to Cadbury World. I haven't been for absolutely ages, and I've heard that it's kinda rubbish

Jaws 'n' Claws


Had a great time at Jaws 'n' Claws at The Booth Museum. Tabitha held a giant snail after being too c

Let's go fly a kite


I've never flown a kite before. It was pretty fun. I think the wind strength round here was a bi

Tabitha has her portrait sketched


I see this lady around the village all the time. We saw her sketching a lady at the Rottingdea