splitkb Zima


47 D8 E680 B40 A 4 AE1 BA81 7 A71 E58 B2 B8 B
9863 C17 E 9891 43 DF AF81 98 B8462997 E9
4 DF7 B585 B496 4237 AB08 F38 CCDE7312 A
B5 CF3 D86 589 E 4 B5 D AEA1 3 A8 F127316 BE
2 B40485 E F871 4 EFB A521 DF3 B7807374 B

I've wanted a macropad for ages, and the timing was right on this one so I've gone for it! Screen; check, rotary; check, stacked acrylic; check. It also has LEDs and a piezo buzzer! Looking forward to annoying the entire world with that one.

This was super easy to make so I spiced it up a bit by swapping a load of switches around. None of them seem better than not messing around with them, but it was fun.