Quefrency rev2 X SM Keyboards rebuild


E30196 FB 07 D8 4813 8 BED DCAA90 BC61 B5
441562 FD 6 A6 B 41 B1 B64 D 9 CF9 FECBB53 D
D793 EBD1 09 BA 48 AA 9947 D50 B0 E639581
C3 DE0 F8 F 7225 4050 82 B0 BE4131236 BA3

I love the Quefrency layout, but I messed up using unlubed Zealios in my original build. It's a nice switch but it's so noisy.

I got in on an SM Keyboards commission slot, and rebuilt it with some lubed Gazzew Bobas U4 instead and it's completely changed it. I went for the SMK with a copper plate. In my head, copper and FR4 should be the same to type on, and they probably are. But if we only did this for feel and sound that takes away a third of the fun!

I made a timelapse of the build, including lubing. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out.

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