New Year's Resolutions


When I make resolutions, I tend to make a lot of them because the more I make, the more likely it is that one will stick. There's still a chance that none will, though, as evidenced by my ever-increasing waistband and apathy towards it.

This year, however, I am making one only. This year, I will be taking holiday. In 2014 I took one week of holiday (to move house) and one sick day (half of which I worked from bed). Buffalo is growing, and I'm terrified that if I'm away for a day, the whole thing will fall down. This is ludicrous for a number of reasons; chief amongst them being that I'm the least talented member of the team there!

So this year I will take holiday and we'll go somewhere. The last week hanging out with these four has reminded me that I do work to live and I need to tip the scale a little. That's why my Instagram and blog have been full of them—I love watching them bounce around all over the place, and I need to be around to see more of that.

So, one resolution and maybe I'll cycle more and eat an apple or something. Maybe.