More Beijing Wandering

One thing that strikes me about Beijing is that people will just stop for a nap pretty much anywhere. A habit I hope to take back to England.

We cycled to a vegetarian Chinese restaurant. I haven't done a lot of cycling since I got here - it's very different to England. You have to be constantly aware of everything that's going on around you. Pedestrians and cars come from anywhere. If you need to turn left, the safest thing to do is use pedestrian crossings. It's essentially the opposite of England in most cases - cars wait for cyclists and pedestrians instead of trying to plough through them. I feel a lot safer when using the road here, but crossings here do mildly resemble chaos. Somehow it all works well.

These kids were so cute in their matching dresses. I showed a couple of people this picture, and the response was a shrug and "Beijing". Apparently this place is a constant overload of cuteness.