I quite like these photo dumps

Robins have a really nice song.
Hugo is making hot sauce. It's really good. He even seals the lid on there properly. It's that sort of attention to detail that I can 100% get behind.
The McMillion$ documentary has a guy called Gilben Peeples. I like to change the name of my phone when I find a name I like, and it worked out nicely when I misplaced my headphones.
Tabitha brought binoculars to the allotment to look at birds. So, naturally, she spent the entire time looking at everything but birds.
This chair looks like heaven.
Sudo hurt his foot, and needed cuddles.
This bird is at the allotment frequently trying to steal things.
Post-ride breakfast.
I love the intricacy of fern fronds unfolding. Would be even more intricate if I'd focussed my phone camera properly.
Someone sent me a pirated Amiibo and did a lovely design on it. I'm kinda done with Animal Crossing at the moment but I love stuff like this.
Sudo nearly knocked my laptop on the floor.
Look at this grumpy cat.