Charlotte got a new tattoo

Charlotte went to Jenna Rose at Gilded Cage in Brighton to get some more birds tattooed on herself; this time on her leg. The result is brilliant, and Jenna was super nice and friendly.

Whilst Charlotte was getting stabbed, Tabitha and I spent all day hanging out. We went to an estimated one billion parks and I got stared at by a load of children because, well, that's what always happens.

We stayed up late watching the third Harry Potter film. I quite like these films. I've never seen B-movie fantasy before but it works surprisingly well. The crappy special effects and hammy acting make the whole thing quite charming rather than insufferable.

On an unrelated note, my friend Seth has been blogging again - you should go and read it if you've got enough time to be reading this. Seth is a great guy and has lots of interesting and relevant things to say. Especially where weariness of social media, creativity and motivation are concerned.