You know things are spiralling when you're thinking about Friday on a Monday!

clipping. at Chalk

clipping. at Chalk

I've wanted to see clipping. live for so long. I nearly got to, but then covid happened which I didn't love. This is also the first time I've been to The Haunt since they renamed it Chalk and they did a great job on the refurb.

Conjurer at Green Door Store

Conjurer at Green Door Store

I haven't been bothered by taking pictures at shows much since ArcTanGent but this had quite a cool atmosphere and was sold out in a small venue so wanted to try and capture that.

Two Fridays in a Row

Two Fridays in a Row

Super busy but fun week. Not many photos again, but lots of music, programming, writing. I am tired.

Can't beat the classics

Can't beat the classics

Sea was wild today. And then it rained forever and we watched movies and ate curry and I had caffeine too late and now I'm wide awake at 1am.

Real-life Animal Crossing

Real-life Animal Crossing

It's good having access to an allotment. Plenty of space, barely anyone around and when they are they're far away!

Early Walk

Early Walk

Got woken up by a full hard disk at 4am today so when that was sorted I went to take the dog for a walk.

Jambinai at Green Door Store

When you describe a band as "post rock/metal played with South Korean...

The Moon at The Natural History Museum

This was fun. I could spend ages photographing people here - so many people doing that pose...

Tandy Family Dorset Road Trip: Day 6

Today it's so bright, so it's a black-and-white post. I'm not dealing with burned out colours - it's...

The last week in black and white

Lots of walking, hanging out with the kid, and a dog who's getting weirder as time goes on...

Charlotte got a new tattoo

Charlotte went to Jenna Rose at Gilded Cage in Brighton to get some more birds tattooed on herse...



Snow Light Trails

I got off the train and it was absolutely smashing down with snow...

The Road Less Travelled

This kid was great...

To Sit

This guy may not have been sitting where he thought...

The Sea

This is calm...

Standing in the Shadow

Standing in the shadow of this thing made me feel very small...

The Dog

Sudo was supposed to be a present for Charlotte but I feel like it's me who's benefitted from him the most...

My Daughter the Gamer

Today is a proud day. Tabitha completed her first level in a video game...