The Moon at The Natural History Museum

This was fun. I could spend ages photographing people here - so many people doing that pose where it looks like they're holding the moon up.

Tandy Family Dorset Road Trip: Day 6

Today it's so bright, so it's a black-and-white post. I'm not dealing with burned out colours - it's my holiday too!

I like the way the ivy makes hands up the side of this thing.

This lady took a walk from one dangerous point on the cliff edge, along several other dangerous points, then disappeared. Not literally, I just couldn't see her any more.

We walked through something that pretty closely resembled a stone art gallery. It was huge, and we missed so much of it because it was bloody hot.

I was wrong when I said we saw Portland Henge yesterday. This is clearly Portland Henge.

Bank holiday, heat, tourists, litter.

It's another one of those scenes I was talking about.

Tabitha looks so stern on a throne. Should I be worried?

This doesn't look like a body at all.

The juxtaposition of Tabitha having a great time and the girl operating the ride looking bored out of her mind was very enjoyable for me. I could spend the rest of my life photographing people at funfairs.

Today is our last full day in Dorset. We're all exhausted and fair-skinned so this evening will be watching a film with the doors open and the curtains closed. I hope someone has enjoyed looking at these pictures - I've really enjoyed taking them and editing them into something that resembles a story every day.

I am currently holding onto hope that people will be travelling away from Brighton when we return home tomorrow. Don't ruin this for me - I need the delusion for now.

The last week in black and white

Lots of walking, hanging out with the kid, and a dog who's getting weirder as time goes on.

Charlotte got a new tattoo

Charlotte went to Jenna Rose at Gilded Cage in Brighton to get some more birds tattooed on herself; this time on her leg. The result is brilliant, and Jenna was super nice and friendly.

Whilst Charlotte was getting stabbed, Tabitha and I spent all day hanging out. We went to an estimated one billion parks and I got stared at by a load of children because, well, that's what always happens.

We stayed up late watching the third Harry Potter film. I quite like these films. I've never seen B-movie fantasy before but it works surprisingly well. The crappy special effects and hammy acting make the whole thing quite charming rather than insufferable.

On an unrelated note, my friend Seth has been blogging again - you should go and read it if you've got enough time to be reading this. Seth is a great guy and has lots of interesting and relevant things to say. Especially where weariness of social media, creativity and motivation are concerned.


The incredibly talented Joyce Su posted about this app a little while ago, and it's just my sort of thing. I love black and white, and I love ludicrous contrast and black blacks. Been looking for an opportunity to try it for a little while but dull light and dark blacks just make black images, which are a bit of a drag.