Tandy Family Dorset Road Trip: Day 6

Today it's so bright, so it's a black-and-white post. I'm not dealing with burned out colours - it's my holiday too!

I like the way the ivy makes hands up the side of this thing.

This lady took a walk from one dangerous point on the cliff edge, along several other dangerous points, then disappeared. Not literally, I just couldn't see her any more.

We walked through something that pretty closely resembled a stone art gallery. It was huge, and we missed so much of it because it was bloody hot.

I was wrong when I said we saw Portland Henge yesterday. This is clearly Portland Henge.

Bank holiday, heat, tourists, litter.

It's another one of those scenes I was talking about.

Tabitha looks so stern on a throne. Should I be worried?

This doesn't look like a body at all.

The juxtaposition of Tabitha having a great time and the girl operating the ride looking bored out of her mind was very enjoyable for me. I could spend the rest of my life photographing people at funfairs.

Today is our last full day in Dorset. We're all exhausted and fair-skinned so this evening will be watching a film with the doors open and the curtains closed. I hope someone has enjoyed looking at these pictures - I've really enjoyed taking them and editing them into something that resembles a story every day.

I am currently holding onto hope that people will be travelling away from Brighton when we return home tomorrow. Don't ruin this for me - I need the delusion for now.