Charlotte and I love to watch food shows. A little late to the party, we have been enjoying them on a website called YouTube. Perhaps you've heard of it. YouTube is a brilliant platform for food shows. I don't know why I'm telling you this; you probably already know.

We especially like Binging With Babish, Jun's Kitchen, The Pizza Show on Munchies and Hot Ones (linked the Vince Staples one because he's the best) on First We Feast. I also like Matty Matheson. I do not like Action Bronson, and I don't want to hear about how brilliant he is.

In spite of the network, we've been watching a show called Worth It on Buzzfeed where two guys and a cameraman (3 guys, really - the cameraman's cameos are some of the best bits of the show) try a cheap, mid-priced and outrageously expensive version of a food.

Last night, we watched one about bagels and it made us both really want bagels, so we went to Bagelman and got some bagels (we didn't eat them all - there's 3 left for breakfast so don't give me any shit) to dip in olive oil za'atar. It was really nice. For a while anyway - I found za'atar to be quite unpleasant after a short time. But dipping good bread in olive oil is always a win.

I realise this has been all food the last few posts but this is essentially all I've had time for the last week, unless you want to see pictures of me cycling in the dark or staring at my laptop screen.