We went and did some food shopping and the cheese twists at LIDL just looked so chaotic I had to take a picture. Not exactly remarkable, I suppose. I take photos of most things.

After many years of being against board games, for some reason board games appeal to me right now. We've been playing Jenga, Connect 4 and Guess Who as a family and I've enjoyed not having a screen in my face. We have Ticket to Ride but I don't even know what it's about. I am also tempted by the Dark Souls board game. Amusingly, I don't have the requisite 2-6 friends for most board games. That's always the most difficult bit.

I've always wanted to play chess. I'm never the right sort of smart for the things I want to do most. I can't beat my phone at chess when it's on the easiest setting. It is sorta the ultimate procedurally-generated game though. I should put some more effort into learning. I probably won't put enough in, though. We all know how I am.