Dragged my ass out of bed and cycled to Newhaven's West Beach car park at 6:30am today. I've wanted to take photos of the lighthouse there for ages, and I still want to go back in rough weather to see if I can get something of waves hitting it.

Thought I was going to lose the drone this morning - I was quite far out when taking the shot that looks inland, and thought I was going to run out of battery. Fortunately, the Mavic is pretty quick in sport mode and made it back with plenty of time to spare! I love being up that early in the morning. There's hardly anyone about except other people who like it when hardly anyone's about and they leave you alone, save for a nod of acknowledgement.


Went to Seven Sisters this morning because the weather looked nice and I wanted to take some photos and fly the drone. Feeling like I'm getting back into a rhythm of all this and want to keep it going. Really enjoyed taking these pictures. Because I am an idiot, I left my wide angle lens at home and shot a load of landscapes on a 50mm. I always find some way to fuck things up.

I love the drone shots I got today. I always have so much fun flying that thing - it's just a pain in the ass trying to find somewhere to take off and land and not be around people. So many drone pilots ignore this, and it makes me wish I could forget my conscience for a bit but I can't.

After wandering around, we got back on the bus and went to Eastbourne to go to one of my favourite caf├ęs - Beanzz - for some lunch and cake. Fallen off the wagon a bit, diet wise this week, and have hardly lost any weight. Haven't gained either though so not feeling too guilty. And who can resist a Creme Egg Scotch Egg?! Not me; that's who.


One of my favourite things about a drone is that it's like having a remote-controlled mega zoom lens.

A while

There are those friends you don't see for a while. You're all busy; it's fine. You talk occasionally, and it's all good. But when you get to hang out it's like you see each other all the time and nothing's changed since you first met. Those friends are so, so good to see.

We wrapped up and went for a walk as the sun was setting, and it was very good.

A good feeling

I'd wager that one unexpected message from someone who means a lot to you is worth more than all the cold, anonymous social media interaction the internet could fling your way.

My leg hurts. I fell on the ice and I think I've hurt my ankle, but I've been ignoring that and trying to carry on as normal, which I shouldn't have done.

Today we walked to the marina because I wanted to close my activity rings in the easiest way possible, and the sea was super rough. I also wanted to get some photos of the waves crashing from a different perspective. I like the way it looks, actually, but flying in those winds was pretty nervewracking thankyouverymuch.

My leg hurts.