The World is a Strange Place

Paul went on holiday to Italy. He's a braver man than I; I don't like sharing a pavement with other people, let alone a plane!

Anyway, Paul and his wife found this brilliantly atrocious tshirt depicting The Mona Lisa dabbing. I wonder if Mona Lisa would've dabbed.

She would've dabbed if she was trying to improve her badminton and she was lucky enough to be coached by Julia Alkema. Julia says that dabbing is (sort of) the stance to adopt when lining up an overhead shot. This creates two amusing scenes: a room of kids dabbing then trying to hit an overhead clear, and a room full of people over 40 asking what dabbing is.

Anyway, Julia asked me to photoshop a badminton racket into Mona Lisa's hand (she's obviously aware of my skills). Well I don't use Photoshop, so I Pixelmator'd it in instead. The effect is largely the same.