This has been my first week off this year. I can't say I've really earned it; relatively speaking I have an incredibly easy job and life, but I get stressed easily so it evens out.

My least favourite part of working is the fact that Tabitha spends all week with her mother and grandparents and sometimes she doesn't seem to respond to me, but spending time with her this week has been the best. She's such a great kid.

We've watched so much Curious George that I've started to analyse it and pick holes in it (seems to me, it's a metaphor for a guy who's suddenly become a father and doesn't really know how to deal with it, but I digress). We've played and walked and paddled in the sea and played some more and it's been so much fun. I need to book holiday more frequently.

Seaford is a surprisingly beautiful little seaside town. And so quiet! Probably saw less than one hundred people along the whole seafront and cliffs all day, but Peacehaven looked packed. 9/10, would visit again.