It's been ages since I took portraits but Maddy needed some for an interview that she did with Vectornator.

Maddy is such a great model - I can always tell when a friend feels comfortable with me taking their picture because it's just easy. We talked about what we want to do, went to find somewhere to do it, click; done. I wish all portraits were this easy, and came out this well.

Such a lovely, natural smile.
At work, on the pier. As you don't!

It can be so stressful taking portraits with a loose brief. Even if there isn't much of a brief, that doesn't mean there isn't an expectation - it just hasn't been communicated. That's a weird kind of pressure.

Taking pictures of friends is a lot of responsibility, too. It's rough when you show someone a photo you like and they just hate it, as it punctures the trust they have in you, and the faith that you're going to get something you're happy with, and it shakes your self-confidence too. But when you get some good shots you're both happy with, it's a great feeling.