I woke up near the sea

The sea always reminds me of this song. I think it annoys Charlotte that I basically always caption sea photos with this lyric, but I'm a simple man with simple pleasures.

I watched this video last night and it made me want to get out and take some pictures. Not the toy camera part; that sixstreetunder guy has an approach I find really interesting. I don't work that way at all but I tried it today on a couple of these and the refinement it allowed me meant I walked away with a couple of photos I like a lot.

Normally I'm very reactionary. The nature of my free time means I capture whatever goes on around me as I'm going about whatever else I'm doing, but today I was able to stop and study scenes from multiple angles and paint with it. That last shot of the fisherman is something I really like. It's one of about 200 photos of that scene.