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I've wanted to build a computer inside a Pelican case for a while now, and it's getting closer. I grabbed all the Raspberry Pi 5 stuff I needed to get started measuring etc. The plan is to learn a bit of CAD and get some mounts printed that I can screw into place in the case.

I have pictured here a QAZ in the case, but I'm currently thinking that it makes more sense to mount my Dilemma in there as the built-in trackpad is just one less thing to think about so probably going to do that.

Charlotte thinks that it makes the most sense to mount the screen in the deeper half of the case, and it would seem that she is in the majority as most of the Peli 1200 Cyberdecks I've seen do it this way. But I'm going first-idea-best-idea and I'm going to mount the screen in the shallow half, with the Pi, keyboard, and whatever else in the base. Not sure if it'll work but we can but try!

Unfortunately my screen arrived DOA so I'm waiting for Pimoroni to get back to me and get a replacement out. I'm 2 for 2 on orders from them needing a conversation with support, which isn't ideal. Their NVMe base for Pi5 is so cool, though, so I'll let them off for now.

Since writing about being done with gaming the other day, I basically haven't stopped thinking about gaming. I am going to continue to abstain and think about what I might play, in the hope that this might reset my attention span and force me to actually stick with a single game for a little while. The frontrunner is currently Elden Ring. I think about that game all the time, which is weird because I've hardly even played it. I don't know why it's embedded in my mind like it has but I think I need to exorcise it by playing it, but not yet. I'm only going to allow myself one game at a time if I do start again.

Shortcuts is nearly good I feel like I'm done with gaming and it's weird. It's like I'm trying to decide to end a...