Beijing - Night 2

This evening was pretty weird. We went out to meet a friend-of-a-friend who was DJing at some ridiculously swanky rooftop bar, but I couldn't find the place because you had to reach it via a private elevator that I couldn't find because I didn't know about it. The views from this place were amazing, though, so once I found the place we stayed for 35 seconds then left to find somewhere a little less swanky.

This is where we met Tiro and Sonny and ended up talking shit and listening to music until 3am and drinking too many shots, before getting a tuk-tuk back to the room and eating amazing noodles. But it took me ages to eat those noodles because I am terrible with chopsticks and I've just spotted there's a knife and fork in my room.

I like going out when it's evenings like this.