Bank Holiday Walk

Maybe it's just the Brit in me but it always seems that the best weather falls around bank holidays and never over them. Not this weekend, though. It's been lovely weather all weekend so we went for a walk. Lots of animals out enjoying the sun, but I can't say I'm envious of sheep in this heat.

Most of these with the 1DX mk 2 with the 2x teleconverter and 70-200mm f2.8.

I don't think I'll ever tire of this view.
Nice to see the horses out for a gallop. I always feel like they lead such a sad existence so it's nice to see them out running, even if it is with someone on their back.
I don't know what this bird is but he looked pretty pleased with himself.
I seem to take a lot of pictures of this chimney. I like to think that the whole house fell down except the chimney; don't ruin this for me.
I think this is a skylark hiding in the grass. Certainly sounded like one.
And here it is in flight. So difficult to track birds in flight - nature camera operators are a skilled bunch.
I think this is a horse.
This lamb was calling out for something.
Probably this. Typical kids.
I liked this little guy with his fluffy face enjoying the sun.
And I like a good bunny-rabbit
This must be a super fresh lamb - not even got any spray-paint on.
I'm not sure why there are so many bollards here.