Charlotte found this Alpaca Experience Day for Tabitha and I to do, and I have some thoughts in no particular order.

Alpacas are one of the softest substances known to mankind.

Alpacas do not care for people, or any of the things that come with coexisting with humans. This makes hanging out with them a little awkward.

A three-year-old child is Kryptonite to an Alpaca. They're excitable and they move fast and spook each other easily.

If this was representative, an Alpaca's life consists of eating hay and going for a walk around a field.

Tabitha loved Alpacas. She will not shut up about them. I cannot overstate this - she is really in love.

From my point of view, Tabitha was too young for this. That was also the recommendation of the people running the day but, as a parent, I knew better. Tabitha loved it but I feel like she missed out on some stuff. I'm not sure what that means but I think it means it was worth it in spite of her age.

Do you like my new coat? I feel like it makes me look like a Weeble but I think that may be apportioning too much blame on the coat