034 040708 - The Number 23


So, it hasn't been a very birthday-y birthday. I tidied the flat, I went to ASDA, I drove 120 miles to my parents' house and I went out for a couple of drinks with Jake and Charlotte. I don't really do birthdays anyway so I'm not particularly bothered by the lack of fanfare.

The photo is my birthday cake, except I'm not a huge fan of cake. I am, however, a huge fan of pizza so it's a pizza. We also didn't have any candles so I got 23 matches. We didn't light the matches because we wanted to actually eat the pizza. There was 2 pizzas. I ate one of them. I can now say that I ate a whole birthday cake.

I am 23 today.

(I promise to take better photos when my life isn't so unpredictable. For me, it's enough that I'm actually using my camera. That was the point of this exercise)