The most unhealthy meal

Allow me to present the leftover curry pizza.

Frontierer and We Never Learned to Live

This lineup was a no-brainer. Two of my favourite bands to see live; the only issue being that the show was in north London. It turned out super expensive but totally worth it. Both bands put on an amazing show and I got to see WNLTL perform some new songs, which they did beautifully.

I tried to make a recording of the show but I don't think it really worked, for some reason. I suppose that's what happens when you try to do something with absolutely no prior experience; sometimes it just doesn't work!

Boston Music Room has a "no detachable-lens cameras" policy so I left mine behind. Still can't resist snapping pictures of the crowd with my phone though.

Look after your stuff

I love controllers. This one is a particular favourite of mine, but I didn't get one new when I could because I'm an idiot, and now they're £130 sealed and I'm not paying that! Instead, I bought one used from the cex website (never do this), returned it because it looked like it'd been in a house fire, exchanged for this one, which worked well enough for me to keep it but I still wasn't happy.

I've been wanting to revisit some of my older games. Namely, I want to play some older Zelda games. I've got the carts and the hardware to play them on, but I pretty much always have my laptop and it's more convenient and one less thing to keep charged, so I've been trying to make it happen on there. I decided to use this controller but I was just sick of the sticky, unresponsive buttons, so decided to spend my Friday night taking it apart to see if I can improve the situation.

Turns out, the previous owner had apparently spilled a drink on this. Inside, it was brown and it took a load of cotton buds and acetone to get it clean. Reassembled it and now it works great. I still think it's going to need a new battery, but now I'm ready to set out on a couple of new adventures. However, it's 1am and I'm sleepy so Hyrule can wait another day.

A Day in Amsterdam

I wanted to buy a Club Mate, but I'm being good. I love Club Mate

I never normally get to go to cool places for work because people always want to see Dan. That sounds like I'm bitter, but I'm not. I accepted my fate as a vault-dwelling mole-person when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in programming. But, as I progress through my career, I'm doing more planning, consulting and meeting, which means more travel.

I'm putting together a video of this trip because I want to make videos, but I don't know how to make videos. I have in my head that I'm going to make something like Mr Brainwash's first edit of his footage for Exit Through the Gift Shop (this is potentially a niche reference. Even Charlotte, who loved that movie and loves street art, didn't remember what I was talking about!) which puts me off making the sort of thing that I think is my style. That is a sort-of Werner Herzog/Peter Draws narrative over the footage I gathered for the subject. I don't know if that's the sort of thing people would want to watch, but we'll see when I've made it, I suppose.

Gavin Strange, the constant fountain of inspiration, reminds us to not overthink it, and just start making something. So, I guess that's what I should do. Who cares if it sucks; making stuff is fun, and you don't get good at making stuff without...making stuff.

Let's go to the park!

It's become a bit of a routine for Tabitha and I to take the dog for a walk when she's done at school. What that usually entails is me throwing a ball for Sudo and Tabitha going to the park.

What is it about 5-year-olds that they're utterly incapable of using play equipment for its intended purpose? We spent about an hour there yesterday and she didn't use one thing properly. Still seemed to have fun though.