ArcTanGent 2023


It's another bullet point list. No point me typing this up again. I went in a camper this year, like a bougie jerk, and I am now spoiled. I will not camp as long as I have the choice - the whole weekend was so much better this year

ArcTanGent 2022


I soloed ArcTanGent this year. It was a very different experience to previous years but it's definitely something I'd do again.

ArcTanGent 2019


ArcTanGent has consistently the best lineup by far of any festival that I know of. This year it was so packed I hardly had any time in Clashfinder for Festival Admin (my new favourite phrase), and ended up feeling pretty ill day one because I forgot to eat all day.

Chilling at ArcTanGent


It's important to relax at a festival.