WSK Pain27

I've wanted to build one of these for ages but every time I looked it's been out of stock.

Considering it only has 27 keys, it's a really capable layout. Punctuation is all in sensible places, and tap mods all make sense. I stumble over space occasionally, as it's a shift tap, but that'll improve with practice.

Like literally every single other build I've done, I decided to add LEDs when I was already done. This actually worked out pretty well because I ended up putting them all on the back, with the assistance of some clumsy wiring.

As it's such an impractical board, I decided to go with a glittery acrylic case and Kailh Box Jade switches. They're so loud, it's silly. Keycaps are MT3 Susuwatari.

Definitely recommend this kit. It was easy to build and looks so extra.