Wordsearches and garden birbs

  • Tabitha trying to make me crazy with a word search missing two words
  • Playing ringtoss in the garden
  • Improvising a game of frisbee. I love frisbee
  • Taking photos of birds. Recognising our garden's robin's song
  • Watching a classic TV show from my youth
  • Would people subscribe to a newsletter from this blog? Does the answer affect whether or not I make one?
  • I started posting on Instagram again
  • Being invited to a Yoga class taking place on Zoom. I've always wanted to try Yoga but classes scare me
Yes, I used my new scissors to cut my paper, and no I'm not justifying the purchase. Do you have any paper that needs cutting?
Add this to the list if things I was certain would be a drag, but ended up being fun.
This is our robin. They come and sing to us every morning, and they're very loud and distinctive.
This jerk sings too, but it's not beautiful. It's a horrible, grating screech and I'd miss it if it was gone.