Urban Cyclist Magazine

There's a magazine called Urban Cyclist. It's a quarterly and it's all about riding your bike. The good thing about this is it doesn't focus on wrapping you in lycra or skinny jeans and it doesn't care if you ride fixed or single speed or geared or brakeless (they might care about that, I dunno - they don't mention it that I've found). It's about riding for the love of riding, which is something that's worthy of celebration and your money. If you're into cycling, I recommend you pick it up (or you can grab it at WHSmith) - even the ads are great.

They were going to print a picture of my beautiful bike in there but, due to a misprint, my name got printed against the wrong bike in what appears to be an elaborate ginger joke/troll. Good effort, Future.

I thought this was issue one, but it's actually issue two. The more you know.