Two weekends, two car shows


I do love a good car show. I think I still prefer things on the more modded side like InCarNation but there was some very cool stuff on display here. It was very sunny and very busy, which is never my favourite, but as long as it's dry I'll mooch around and look at some cars; why not?

20240504112936 2 G5 A5936
20240504115149 2 G5 A5937
20240504115949 2 G5 A5942
20240504120437 2 G5 A5947

I love a Tuscan and this wrap looks amazing. Obviously the photo doesn't do it justice but Tuscans always look cool to me.

20240504120533 2 G5 A5950

The paintjob on this had some sort of silver flake or something and it looked amazing. I hadn't realised what a pain it is to get the bonnet up on these things. Amusing given how unreliable they supposedly are.

20240504121425 2 G5 A5952

You hardly ever see a Noble at these things. One of Charlotte's favourites.

20240504121659 2 G5 A5958

I loved this battered MX-5 in with all the perfect, cared-for ones.

Computers annoyed me twice yesterday. Not really computers, I suppose. Computers are either on or... The things you carry