The Music of 2016

To save you from all the preamble, you can read about why I'm a year late to this on The Music of 2015. This is still as relevant as ever, and I'm still as self-indulgent as ever. But if you're here, you probably don't mind that anyway. With that in mind, here's the music I've heard of from 2016 that I still listen to and love. Obviously there's more than this, but this is the good stuff.

Bossk - Audio Noir

Listen to: The Reverie II (listen to all of it though. It's really good)

Earth Moves - The Truth in Our Bodies

Listen to: Pia Mater

Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership

Listen to: Deception

Fall of Messiah - Empty Colours

Listen to: I always thought that one day everything would be settled, but everything just went black.

Conjurer - I

Listen to: Behold the Swine (but listen to the whole thing)

Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid

Listen to: Lotta Years

Knocked Loose - Laugh Tracks

Listen to: Billy No Mates (but seriously. Whole thing)

Apologies, I Have None - Pharmacie

Listen to: Anything Chemical

Swet Shop Boys - Cashmere

Listen to: Tiger Hologram

Slaves BC - All is Dust and I am Nothing

Listen to: Crawling Through Nothing to Nothing

Car Bomb - Meta

Listen to: Nonagon (but the whole thing is a riot)