I feel bad for The Boy. Walking anywhere stresses me out right now. At least on my bike I can get away from people quick.
We decided to play boules in the garden.
It comes as no surprise that this scenario happened almost immediately.
I love birds. I know this is a symptom of getting old.
Also getting serious about collecting eggs for Egg Day
You can use a keyboard on the Nintendo Online app to chat in Animal Crossing.
Charlotte is doing a pub quiz with friends over Zoom. What a time to be alive.

Today I feel for anyone who doesn't have a garden. I can't imagine self-isolating without any safe outside space.

It's not been perfect, of course. We're getting on each other's nerves, but Charlotte and I spend almost all of our time together now that she's working at Buffalo. You can't do that if proximity causes real problems. We've been very fortunate.

It was a nice day today. We did what we've done all week, but without work. I don't remember the last time I went to bed happy. I still have to walk to bed, so there's still time.