Pepsi Sponsorship Appeal: Update

Pepsi Sponsorship Email

A while ago, I wrote a little post asking Pepsi to help me cover the cost of my addiction in the form of a sponsorship deal. It was, unexpectedly, one of the most popular posts I have ever written. So many people want to talk about it, and found it funny, which is incredibly humbling. The other day, a conversation with a rather excellent fellow on Twitter - Luke Jones - segued into Pepsi (as conversations with me often do). This lead me to show him the post, and him to nudge the UK Pepsi Twitter account. To my surprise and delight, they got in touch today and, although they're (pretty obviously) not going to be able to support me tattooing their logo on me in exchange for beverages, I get a cool t-shirt and something to tell people who ask whether Pepsi have responded. The tone of this blog rarely turns to audience involvement, but I would seriously like to thank everyone who reads or shares or gets in touch with me about any post I make on here. It's incredibly satisfying, the amount of great feedback I get and I really do appreciate every word anyone says to me about it, so thank you.