Night walk

It's so difficult to go outside and avoid people round here. It's annoying. But as long as you're prepared to go when it's cold and dark, there's options.

I recognise it's illogical to try and reinvent or bookmark on New Years, but I am drawn to that idea. The new year presents so much potential but it's just a number. You can reinvent whenever you want!

I have a few ideas for things I want to do, projects I want to explore etc. I probably won't do (m)any of them but I do find it fun to think about those things. I've really enjoyed revisiting old videos this year, but in order to do that you need to actually make some video so maybe there's something there. Video is difficult.

Mainly I want to keep blogging, move away from alcohol, and bring friends closer. I had big ideas for music this year but I find it really difficult to focus on family whilst making or listening to music so that just hasn't happened. Luckily all musical objects spark joy so they stay!

That went on a tangent didn't it? Here's some photos from our walk in the dark this evening.