More trains!


EF26 E149 B1 B3 4 DFF B6 B1 A96280 C70 E93
2105 C8 D3 C048 4 C0 D 974 B 161 A427 D64 E1

These two are too similar to include both. I prefer the second one but the guy on the left really irritates me but I lack the chops to remove him, so he stays, and I stay dissatisfied. Life is like that sometimes.

228342 DB 30 A6 41 FC BEF8 383511 F4 D095
6 D5 D3 A30 06 EE 44 C1 85 F2 54977994 C151
19 FA221 F 1 BD5 4 D22 974 E 7 E614987 A066
9 FC7 C9 EB D8 A0 4 C5 B B31 B 3 B7 FA5 B4 B1 F1

Adults are even allowed in the cockpit (do they call it that on a train?). You don't have to use your "oh my child would love to have a look!" ticket. You can just say "I am an adult and I want to look at the fire and all the levers and pipes please" and they let you.

D84 EB438 BE28 4374 8 FBE C4 C7 A50 B9660
C4 E24 F52 70 E9 4 D31 ABBC 26 F9 D8 FA9167

Sometimes I'll take a picture that reminds me of Martin Parr in some way. I don't really know why, and it probably seems pretty conceited but there you go. This picture looks like everyone is perfectly random. Not real random; like I staged them this way.

D09 A68 F6 A444 402 E 996 D 2 CF4550 DAEC6

We went back to the Bluebell railway. I do love it there. It feels like an impossible thing now, to have a full-sized model railway you can just go on. Everyone there is so friendly as well.

Lots of trainspotters today. I think I'd like to go and find some strategic trackside position to take pictures. Something very aesthetically pleasing about a steam train storming through the countryside billowing steam with wreckless abandon. Feels very human.

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