Lockdown cuisine

I've been enjoying taking photos of some of our more photogenic meals during lockdown. Or, at least, what passes for lockdown in this country.

I love a homemade roast.
Paul from work recommended the 90s classic cheese and bean toastie, but with peanut butter. Sounds gross; was not very nice.
Iceland are doing Black Jack twisters, and they taste just like Black Jacks. Which is not a positive for me; I don't care for liquorice.
Charlotte's speciality Linda McCartney hoisin duck and spring onion pizza with halloumi stuffed crust.
Charlotte wanted delivery curry for her birthday. I made the leftovers into a paneer biryani and onion bhaji burrito. It was good.

For Charlotte's birthday, I made a cake. I am not a baker, but it turned out pretty well!

It's a bit lopsided but it tasted great!

Not pictured: the birthday cake ice cream Charlotte made. Because it didn't last long enough to capture a still image.