I finished Ada Palmer's Seven Surrenders, and it got me thinking about types of fun. I really didn't enjoy reading large sections of this book.

Anything where the heads of the hives are colluding is written in a way that irritates me, with these characters who've given themselves stupid posturing titles conspiring to stay as important as they think they are. Everyone's always referred to as "The Duke", "The Anonymous", "Caesar", "Madame" and it makes my skin crawl.

However, I love the story. It has everything I like: future societies, politics, corruption, duplicity, crazy technology, religion, gods among people. So I guess I'm continuing the series in informed hope that the remaining books won't have as much of the stuff I don't like.

It took me so long to finish Seven Surrenders; I can't have that again with The Will to Battle. Ideally need to finish before ArcTanGent so I can read an ebook there. Last year I read a whole book in my downtime and hoping to do that again this year.


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